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Oval 21 at Albert Park. Parks Victoria gives a rent subsidy to the Grand Prix amounting to several million dollars every year, as mandated in the Australian Grand Prix Act but is 'responsible' for Albert Park, including all the sporting grounds.


2013 grand prix: A claim of 69,800 fans on the Thursday. Where are they? In the main straight, during the popular V8 Supercar event, shown here? This is typical of claims that are contradicted by hard evidence. We have a set of photos that ask the same question.


The Real Facts: Grand Prix deception exposed. This fact sheet demolishes all the false and misleading claims about the grand prix. Here is the proof

SAP’s March 2019 newsletter announces the book launch of Wrong Track: What Drove Supercars to Newcastle, by Dr Christine Everingham and Therese Doyle. These authors have written of the (all too familiar) tricks and unsubstantiated claims Supercars used to con the Newcastle City Council to accept a car race through East Newcastle, a historic residential precinct. 

The grand prix won't cause as many coronavirus infections as the government or the Australian Grand Prix Corporation could expect. Noel Turnbull explains 

PR expert says “…the mumbled understatement approach has never permeated the thinking of those who support, fund or organise the Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park”. Noel Turnbull gives free advice to government and grand prix spinners in his article “Hyperbole and how it detracts from credibility”.

Walkley Award winning sports journalist Greg Baum gives us the real facts on the grand prix. latest article

More than a billion dollars of taxpayers money has been lost on the F1 grand prix and the new Albert Park masterplan process is planning a GP for another 25 years. This means we now face the prospect of several billions more in subsidies. Our attempt to list them are estimated here.

As the government did not follow the Auditor-General's recommendation to perform an annual cost-benefit analysis to determine if the grand prix is worthwhile, SAP commissioned Economists at Large ( to update the A-G's cost-benefit analysis. They found the 2012 event resulted in a net economic loss to Victoria of $60.6 million. The report is here.

Shameless: Australian grand prix makes up attendance figures to help justify a billion-dollar government subsidy – the evidence.

The government and the grand prix corporation have consistently refused to disclose under FOI any documents that can prove (or disprove) their claims of attendance. SAP has appealed to VCAT, asking for details of how they made up the attendance figures at last years race as they are far above those apparent from the audited ticket sales. The grand prix says revealing the truth would disadvantage them. Indeed. We have posted a public interest statement (here) for the VCAT judge to consider.

For schools considering attending the GP, we suggest an alternative educational experience to the one offered by the AGPC

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