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The list that follows provides links to media releases (in Word format) published by SAP in the last year; please telephone the SAP office on (03) 9690 3855 if you have any difficulties accessing one or more of these documents

Attorney-General asked to investigate allegations of Grand Prix malfeasance.
This is confidential. Please apply to Peter Logan 0412 697 074 for access.

PM Morrison ignores the evidence in choosing his COVID-19 Commission
Grand Prix health and safety problems remain as bad as ever
Media Guide to defining shameless and gormless

Reporting of False Grand Prix Attendance Figures
$1 BILLION LOST: No business plan, just lies and deception
Lying, cheating and deception are endemic to Australian motor racing This book shows it is not just Formula 1 that deceives the public into giving them millions in subsidies, but Supercars Australia has also learned to con gullible state and local governments

The Real Facts: Grand Prix deception exposed. This fact sheet demolishes all the false and misleading claims about the grand prix. Here is the proof

Last year’s F1 grand prix cost taxpayers $100.513 million
Did taxpayers pay $460,000 to hide the truth?

Schools don't belong at the grand prix
Premier Andrews, grand prix accountability is urgently required

The grand prix only 'lost' $61million this year!
Well may you ask how much did taxpayers pay for the premier's suite
Our biggest charity or most expensive job creation program?
Grand Prix Public Safety Risk
Cease and desist notice to Premier Andrews
Grand Prix deception exposed. This fact sheet demolishes all the false and misleading claims.

One grand prix can build four new schools
A billion dollars down the drain and Premier Andrews is using false information to boost the grand prix
Have the Grand Prix Corporation's spin doctors been busy again this year?
"I will not be lied to" says Daniel Andrews. Indeed, says SAP
SAP asks, "Are all journalists innumerate?"
The real facts on the grand prix, direct from independent sources

Premier Andrews, Save Junction Oval from overdevelopment
'Branding' MELBOURNE: It's the pits
Fact-check or Fiction? The media on notice
Is Premier Napthine using false information to boost the grand prix?
The real facts about the Australian F1 grand prix

New study again shows the grand prix is an economic loser 10 Oct 2013
Déjà vu: Grand Prix Corporation admits 'the truth would hurt us'. Again! 24 Sep 2013
The grand prix has now taken $500 million from the taxpayers of Victoria 28 Aug 2013
Is the grand prix breaking the law? You be the judge
The last big secret of the Melbourne grand prix: how many actual spectators?
Media alert on grand prix attendance numbers
You only need primary school mathematics to prove theyre wrong

Download 2012 Grand Prix 'crowd' photos (.pdf file)
The grand prix: show us the benefits Louise!
These pictures show what we always suspected on attendance claims
Truth would hurt us - grand prix chief
Grand prix still relies on its hoary old myths

Grand Prix spin and deception? You bet!
Grand Prix fails value for money test.
Attendance controversy? The Australian Grand Prix Corporation's own ticket sales reveal what we all suspected.
Can we believe anything the Grand Prix Corporation says?
Tourism is not a winner, so is the GP our biggest loser?
Boosterism economics don't fall for the lies and spin this year
Will the media ask the hard questions of the Grand Prix corporation?
Baillieu fails duty of care

2010 GP LOSS 16 Sep 2010
Corporate hoons - three strikes and you're out
Unbelieveable Grand Prix attendance figures. Yes, aren't they always?
Outrageous lies and propaganda. You Can Not Be Serious!
Has the Grand Prix Corporation duped Qantas?
F1 Education program link to risky behaviour
Permanent, economically rational track is possible

Major sponsor for 2010
Bleating Kennett
Crowd Figures 16 March 2009

Time to axe GP
Contract Extension
Cost Benefit Werribee

Major events: What can we expect from the Auditor General's report?
AG's Report - post release

Grand Prix benefits some hotels but hurts local traders
It's time the media did some serious homework
It's time the media checked out Grand Prix attendance figures
It's time for a cost-benefit analysis of the Grand Prix
And it's time the media checked out GP visitor claims

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